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McBride Law PC is a business litigation law firm in Los Angeles.  Often working as co-counsel with other firms, we function as “tip of the spear” in strategic litigation involving financial, insurance, pension, ERISA and healthcare sharing matters.  We also handle Chapter 11-related bankruptcy adversary proceeding litigation.

We typically represent small businesses or groups of individuals in high-value litigation against large companies.  We maintain a strategic advantage against larger opponents in four ways:
First, we take the offensive at every opportunity, from the beginning of a case.  We aggressively meet all deadlines and work hard to require others to do the same.  Delays almost always help large company defendants but never help small companies plaintiffs.  We therefore do everything possible to push litigation at the fastest possible pace.
Second, we are highly evidence-driven from the beginning of each case. Cases are won or lost on the evidence presented. Using informal discovery, advanced technology tools and world-class technology professionals, we identify, collect, process and evaluate all relevant evidence as early as humanly possible.  This allows us to understand and build a winning strategy at a very early stage.  
Third, every step we take on behalf of clients has a clearly-defined strategic focus and objective.  Each step in discovery and evidence development has a clear purpose. Our work is efficient and targeted–which helps move the litigation at a fast pace.
Fourth, depending on case demands and size, we partner with nationally-recognized, highly-capable co-counsel to bring the resources required in large, high-value cases.

Through this multi-prong approach, we deploy the strategy and tactics to give small companies and group plaintiffs an advantage, even against larger opponents.

strategic business litigation