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McBride Law, PC is a business restructuring and litigation law firm in Los Angeles.  We represent creditors, asset buyers and debtors in restructuring and related litigation matters.  We are your “tip of the spear” in all matters restructuring.  Give us a call: initial consultations are free.

For asset buyers, we navigate bankruptcy complexities to help you close acquisitions rapidly and at attractive prices. We place special emphasis on asset valuation issues that must be correctly understood, especially during times of financial volatility.   We assist in acquisition of all asset classes: real property, intellectual property and financial assets.

For creditors, our goal is simple: to optimize your return of investment.  We particularly focus on multiple creditor strategies to accomplish this goal for you.

For distressed companies, we develop the legal component for restructuring strategies that optimize asset value and minimize risk exposure.  We help execute on those restructuring strategies through whatever process is appropriate: negotiation and/or targeted litigation. In the event bankruptcy is required to help in the restructuring process, we represent you in Chapter 11 reorganizations, including cases under the Small Business Reorganization Act

Related areas of our practice include: insurance and financial litigation, health care sharing matters, ERISA benefits litigation and pension litigation, often (but not exclusively) within bankruptcy adversary proceedings.

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