Litigation profiling is a subset of litigation analytics: we develop deep-level profiles of opposing parties, decision-makers and influencers.

Why profile?

Highly successful people quickly become creatures of habit: this holds true for executives, lawyers, judges and politicians. They quickly identify the tactics that set them on the road to success, and then repeat those tactics over and over, perpetuating career successes to newer and higher levels. This strategy works well to build an enviable career; but it also wears deep grooves of habit in the conscious and subconscious behavior of highly-successful people.

The Art and Science of Litigation Profiling

The art and science of targeted litigation profiling is to identify the tactical building blocks of a person’s rise to power, and then link these behaviors into identifiable patterns: patterns that become so well-worn they are predictable in any given conflict situation.

This is the value of litigation profiling in negotiations–or in any conflict situation. By identifying and predicting certain patterns of behavior, given parameters of a case, our clients can anticipate behavior and build strategies to overcome and defeat an adversary. Modern technology provides the analytical tools to make this art and science a reality in contemporary conflict management.

litigation profiling