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The Paycheck Protection Program resumed on July 6, 2020.  If you need (free) assistance with this, give us a call at (213) 600-6077.

Our firm offers pro bono (free) legal services to help small businesses understand and process your PPP loan application, as well as your application for PPP loan forgiveness.

The new deadline to apply for a PPP loan is August 8, 2020.  A sample PPP loan application is found here. A complete list of Southern California lenders participating in the PPP program is attached here.  If your bank is on this list, give them a call to see if you qualify for this additional PPP loan program.  Or, if you wish, let us make the call for you.

We also offer pro bono services to help small businesses understand, and facilitate, Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) currently offered by the Small Business Administration. A streamlined application form is found here.

EIDL Loans are administered and processed directly through SBA. An excellent guide to EIDL loans was published by the US Chamber of Commerce, found here.

We are in difficult economic times for business.  But because the Paycheck Protection Program resumed, and EIDL loans are available, businesses have greater assistance with the most critical aspect of any business: cash flow.

Call us if you need help with Paycheck Protection Program or the Economic Injury Disaster Loan program: (213) 600-6077–ask for Kevin McBride.  We are happy to help!

paycheck protection program resumed